Hi All, I have a simple table in an email and Outlook is doing something weird. There's two issues, line-height and the extra bar above the table. Thanks!

Suppose to look like this:

Outlook version:

This is the code:

<table align="center" cellpadding="15" style="background-color: #41464B; text-align: center; color: white; border: 0px; line-height:7px; margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:10px; ">
<td><img src="https://d15k2d11r6t6rl.cloudfront.net/public/users/Integrators/BeeProAgency/260496_238201/When.png" width="120" />
<p><b>Monday, June 10, 2019</b></p>

<p>5:30 pm - 8:00 pm</p>
<td style="padding: 0px 40px 0px 40px"> </td>
<td><img src="https://d15k2d11r6t6rl.cloudfront.net/public/users/Integrators/BeeProAgency/260496_238201/Where.png" width="120" />
<p><b>Omni Interlocken - Pavilion </b></p>

<p>500 Interlocken Blvd.</p>

<p>Broomfield, CO 80021</p>