Hi! This is kind of a weird issue I'm just running into. My company uses Eloqua for marketing automation, and since this morning, when I send an email through Eloqua, the text size is VERY small in Outlook only. When I test across other email clients, it renders fine. We sent out an email a few days ago without issue. There have been no change to our code, and we even tried sending an email out with text only. No images, no HTML, etc. When we test it, the font size almost looks like it's at 1px.

It's ONLY happening when I send out emails through Eloqua. All other emails I receive to my Outlook render fine. (And yes, I've double and triple checked, my zoom is set at 100%.)

Here is a screenshot of the header. You can somewhat see that there are two lines of text above the logo.

Our office uses Office 365. Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. render the email just fine. I'm in contact with Oracle support, and our internal IT departments.

Is there a line of code I need to include now for Outlook?

Any and all help is much appreciated! :)