Any insight into why email addresses might break after the @ symbol only in Gmail when there is room for it to fit on one line if break occurs before??

We include in a couple places an email link. But there is always a regular space (e.g, not an 'nbsp;') before the email address. For some reason, Gmail doesn't break the line at the obvious space before the email address, but intead breaks it in the middle of the email address. The email address is a bit long, but would fit on the line if broken at the space before. We've confirmed this in the Gmail app on both Android & iPhone.

So for example, we have a line like:
Email us:

But instead of the line breaking after the word 'Email' or 'us:', it breaks after '@'.

We've tried wrapping the email address in a '<nobr>' tag, as well as adding 'word-break:keep-all; word-wrap:normal; white-space:nowrap;' to the <a> tag. This helps iPhone Mail, but Gmail is just really stubborn.

  • Any other tricks we could try to keep that email address on one line? It just is much easier to read on a single line.