It's that time of year: all things pumpkin spice, rotting our teeth with candy corn, and rewatching Nightmare on Elm Street for the twentieth time. Yep, it's Halloween. So, I'm curious: what is your scariest moment as an email designer?

I'll go first. Years ago, I worked at an agency that handled a fair amount of email marketing. I had just uploaded a test to ExactTarget to send out to a group of stakeholders for approval. Instead of selecting the stakeholder list, I unknowingly selected the actual subscriber list and hit send. Which it did. To about 14,000 people. It was one of those moments that I realized what I'd done about five minutes too late. Then, with my heart in my throat, I proceeded to walk to my boss' office to tell him the bad news.

Fortunately, he didn't mind. The stakeholders were informed (good thing there weren't any mistakes in the campaign) and the subscribers just got that email about a week early. I kept my job and was the butt of many a joke for the next month or so.

Anyone else care to share?