I have some questions regarding some attributes to images, how well it's supported and if there's a better way of implimenting an image gallery of the same image dimension size without comprimising them being sqaushed, stretched, or having to manually change them in photoshop.

I've been doing this newsletter for a while now, and always running into an issue with the image sizes of the gallery. Each image is uploaded by their own respective company. We have no monitoring or description of letting the user know what dimensions are accepted. So we have a wide variety of image sizes and are uncropped or too cropped.

One of our division's competitors seems to be using this technique on their gallery in email, but I think all their images are the same size. The example below show they added attributes to the image source url.

<img src="imgurl/imgfilename.jpg?w=200&h=120&mode=crop">

How well is this supported in email? I can't seem to find much info on this. Is there a better way of managing a gallery or multiple items (20 or more) without sacrificing stretched or sqaushed images?

Whenever I've run into an issue with the gallery image I've been cropping them manually in photoshop, and relocating the source url individually.I'd be ok with that but time restraints don't really allow it. I have to wait until the end of the day of email apporval and send before I get the content info. Let alone all the images being uniform in the bi-weekly newsletter.

It's generally the very last minute with everyone I work with and they all think I have some kind of magic "done" button or something. So of course they all have their tasks marked high priority even if it doesn't have to be sent 2-3 weeks ahead of time. grrr by that time I've had to resend emails for approval 5 or more times because the clients changed something or an auction detail was updated.

That or Bronto our ESP created broken links or whatever the case... I'm generally sent the email content they've created themselves with word, campaign monitor or whatever they used or even just saved from a web page. I have to fix and recode to impliment into our shell template(S) to work properly.

Sorry for the venting... It's not like I have a team of others to help as I'm singled out as the only person in the company able to do all the email tasks and update all the websites. And my reward after 7 years at a dead end job with them. Was raise of drum roll... a whole 50 cents. and that was 3 years ago. been with them 10 years. A new hire Walmart greeter or new hire at fast food chain is making more than me! Yes I'm trying to find something better.

Again sorry for the venting.

Anyways, does anyone have any ideas how to better manage a "newsletter" situation like this? Any info on the added image url attributes would be most helpful as well.