Hi everyone,

we are currently trying to setup an E-Mail Signature on Apple Devices. We created a wrapper table (style="max-width:480px;" width="480") width to tables (style="width:100%;") underneath each other inside. The bottom table contains an image, which again has width set to 100% (so on desktop it should display on 480px). We tested the template on litmus and on our own devices - it worked perfectly. Only Apple Mail 10.5 seems to show the problem.

Sending an E-Mail with our signature to someone with Apple Mail 10.5 works fine. The signature is correct. No problems here.
Putting the same html-code as a signutare of someone with Apple Mail 10.5 does not work fine. The image inside the tables is shown with full width depending on the window size and not the wrapper-table.

Does anyone know the problem or a solution for it?

Thanks in advane!