I've been asked to pursue whether it's possible to build an email containing links that, when clicked, open a pre-populated email or text message containing an image.

I'm familiar with mailto links such as <a href="mailto:someone@yoursite.com?subject=Mail from Our Site">Email Us</a> but everything I've been able to dig up indicates that the body copy for such a link can only contain plain text.

I've found similar code for SMS:
<a href="sms:phonenumber?body=This is the body copy">Link</a>

However, all the digging I've done has indicated that the (?) separator doesn't work on all iOs devices. All the workarounds I've seen have used Javascript, which renders them useless for email.

At this point, I'm skeptical that sms links are even reliable or useful without body copy.

I've found no indication that it would be possible to include an image in either type of link.

Anyone have any ideas?