Campaign Monitor's <img editable> requires a width attribute set. An uploaded image that is wider than that image is resized to match.

If you set the width attribute to match the rendered target width, you end up with an 1x image.

If you set the width attribute to 2x the target dimensions, your image will remain intact, but all of the Windows Outlooks and Windows 10 Mail blow out the layout based on that width.

If my target width is 400px, and I set the width attribute to 800 to support a 2x image, I've tried setting inline styles with <img editable width="800" style="max-width: 400px; width: 100%">. This works everywhere except the aforementioned Outlooks + Windows 10.

Has anyone solved for this for editable images? The 1x resizing is acceptable for photos, but not branding elements, logos, icons, etc.