Hey All,

I have a responsive email that largely consists of tables aligned left and right which collapse under each other upon shrinking the larger parent table. (Of course not in gmail without media queries -which is fine.) In the Gmail App the email should display in full desktop form, and it does. The email has been fully compatible with all major clients for some time.

Here is the problem:
When I send an email based on this responsive template specifically to the Androind Gmail App, when I FIRST view the email the content will be jumbled. Some tables are sized awkwardly and some tables are falling to the next line when they shouldn't. I imagine this is Gmail's Auto-fit feature at work. But here is the trick, if I back out of the email and preview it a second time the email displays perfectly fine! Every time after the first view the email continues to look fine. It never looks jumbled again.

If I resend the email after doing this the NEW email looks fine on the first try. So I can't even force this to happen.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? It feels like a Gmail App glitch, but that doesn't negate my need to circumvent it.

Thanks for any thoughts,