So here is my goal.


  1. (done) Table 600px wide
  2. (done) Two columns (left 270px wide -> image of 250px with 10px padding, right 330px wide -> text of 310 px with 10px padding)
  3. (done) PC, columns will be side by side. Mobile, columns will not be side by side but rather one is on top and the other on the bottom.
  4. (need help) There is no fixed height for the image or the text, therefore, it needs to respect the maximum possible height. Cannot specify height to be 500px but rather has to 100%. But maybe, min-height could be set to be 200px if that would make it easier.
  5. a nice to have would be to have the tables inside the td's to be vertically aligned to the top.

Now so far, i've done 1, 2, and 3. But i'm struggling on 4. I've added mso comments for outlook at created padding with another table. The issue i'm having is that i'm struggling to get outlook to respect the maximum possible height. Any advice or help would be appreciate. My code is in Paste Bin