I have a few questions about url shorteners. We sometimes have clients send us html email docs to us and we send from our own mail server. The original code given to us from the client usually has links using the google analytics buidler so they can track clicks and etc. themselves as well. Usually these auction links are about 3 lines long. Example to auction items below.


Now our internal mail server (we will be getting away from someday) inserts it's own redirect links such as..


But most of the time after I copy the orignal code into our template.. our mail server's redirect code seems incompatable or something and most if not all links go to a bad item ID or broken page.

For a short while we were using Bit.ly to shorten the urls because we didn't know how to get around this. We've told the client to use bit.ly as well before sending us their email but they fail to do it every time.

Then maybe a few weeks ago I read an article somewhere that using url shorteners were bad for email because of the abuse and etc. getting red flagged or not even making it to the inbox.

Is there a better way around this? I would say to use a direct link but they are obviously trying to track the email analytics in their own way here too.

Any shorteners that don't cause problems like goo.gl?

I've also tested their original email in Bronto ESP for link testing. Bronto like most ESP also insert their own redirect links but in Bronto all the links work fine without using a url shortener. This could be the only other method way without causing too many problems but for now we are still in a transition phase before we are using Bronto for all emails.