I want to create mail like this scematic example (uploaded in tinypic.com: link=http://nl.tinypic.com/r/9r3wn5/9 ).

Everything is working well, that means 1) the 2 images are responsive 2) text is responsive.

info: The two images are NOT placed in a table (only between div), so the are responsive. As soon as I put them in a table the are not responsive anymore?! All text field are places in their own table and are responsive between the 800px width max.

But there are some problems. 1) the yellow image is now always centered, but I want the possibility for align LEFT of RIGHT (and still responsive!!) As soon as I add a css or style or attribute (ie. align="right") ... the image is not responsive anymore.

2) text: I use media queries for text-font-size, that is for landscape or portrait on mobile device. That works fine.. exept on GMAIL-mobile, than the text is made too big in portrait mode. I use for font-size css (ie) 1.5em. How fix this problem (want to have an acceptable + font size on GMAIL-mobile)

Please suggestions for: Image responsive + align R C L+ Font size problem GMAIL-mobile