Hi All,

I have some data that tells me a few things about where subscribers are opening and clicking but doesn't definitively tell me everything. I am basically trying to determine for a client if a responsive email is the best solution for them.

The data I have is over the last 5 sends:

Mobiles Opens: 53%
Desktop Opens: 43%
Tablet: 4%

Out of the Mobile Opens: 66% iOS; 32% Android; 2% Other

Top 3 Email Clients (mobile & desktop): 25% Outlook.com; 25% Gmail; 20% Yahoo

I am waiting to find out how the email client for mobile is being determined - I don't know if it is based on the email domain or on the email app or something else.

Even without knowing this can I assume that the majority of subscribers on the webmail clients would be opening it on the email providers own app rather than the native app?

Are there any industry stats about which is more popular? e.g. are Yahoo users more likely to setup up their email on the native app or the Yahoo app?

Thanks guys!