So I'm aware there's been a fair bit of research into what is the best method to include web fonts in email based on the support for things like @import <link> and @font-face. The consenus seems to be @font-face is the way to go. More recently Adobe TypeKit allowed a font kit to be embedded via pure CSS. Previously, their implementation was JavaScript based which was out for email. I know Google Fonts, did work, but it doesn't have some of the fonts TypeKit has.

Up until now, I had been using @font-face to serve a font I use for my organisation, as we have a web license for it that permits self hosting in addition to being hosted on TypeKit, however given we also have the custom font implemented on a TypeKit, I've been considering trying to use TypeKit directly in our email campaigns, as we have enough quota in addition to our website usage.

The first problem to me seems I'd have to give up @font-face because TypeKit does some serious obscurification on the font files looking at the CSS. Likewise by directly copying the @font-face rules in the kit provided, it means any changes made to stylesheet on the TypeKit side will not be reflected and probably break in templates.

How does @import and <link> hold up with email clients that support web fonts these days?