I have a rather peculiar question regarding Outlook 2010 (that I assume also involves 2007 and 2013). I built a responsive email from a template I had previously tested, and, for some reason, Outlook is changing the size of the body tables from 600px to 480px. Of course this is causing problems with the aligned tables – causing one to knock the other below it. Does anyone have any insight as to why this is happening? I cannot recreate the problem in Litmus, and my tester Windows laptop with Outlook 2010 does not display this problem.

I saved a copy of the email and opened it in Dreamweaver, and see the following code where the body tables start:
<table class=MsoNormalTable border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width="100%" style='width:100.0%;background:lightgrey;border-collapse:collapse;mso-yfti-tbllook:1184;mso-padding-alt:0in 0in 0in 0in'>
<tr style='mso-yfti-irow:0;mso-yfti-firstrow:yes;mso-yfti-lastrow:yes'>
<td style='padding:0in 0in 0in 0in'>
<!-- Headline and Text -->
<div align=center>
<table class=MsoNormalTable border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 **width=600** style='**width:5.0in**;background:white;border-collapse:collapse;mso-yfti-tbllook:1184;mso-padding-alt:0in 0in 0in 0in'>

Is it a setting in the person's laptop? It is a smaller resolution display if that matters. Very curious problem to say the least.