Hi folks,

We are in the very early stages of implementing a new ESP on campus. After a lot of homework, testing, and consideration of our needs we selected Emma.

I would love to hear form the community about your rollouts with a new ESP. Change management, policy and procedures/workflows, questions you wish you had asked during implementation, and any general advice or resource recommendations you may have.

As a quick background, we are currently a Google G-Suite school using Gmail as a primary tool for internal campus broadcast messages to students, faculty, and staff. Emma will replace Gmail as our broadcast tool, and we will slowly bring offices and departments in as subaccounts. We will continue to use the Google suite for redundancy and emergency purposes.

We also have a number of CRMs on campus with email components meant for their specific audiences; Slate for Admissions, iModules (soon to be Blackbaud Net Communities) for alumni, and we also have a handful of offices around campus using MailChimp and Constant Contact.