I'm looking for a way to simplify our workflow getting email from ET/SFMC to Litmus Spam test tool.

A rough outline is below. We prefer to not use Classic Content because EPS Sync breaks.

I would love to hear any ideas/feedback how we could simplify the process.

  1. ESP Sync an email to SFMC
  2. Start a Spam test in Litmus
  3. Copy the custom addresses
  4. Paste the addresses into a plain text file
  5. find/replace comma/space with a tab/return
  6. Copy the list of addresses
  7. In Excel paste the list into two columns
  8. Add a column header for the subscriber key
  9. Add a column header for the another for the address
  10. Save the excel file as a CSV
  11. Login to Marketing Cloud
  12. Go to lists
  13. Create a new list
  14. Import the excel file into the list
  15. Run through the send process using the new spam list created above