I have a very specific need in an ESP - I need a way to send my emails to 8000 transactional contacts (internal employees). Right now, our internal comms and marketing share an account in Bronto, and this really screws us up for our internal work because people who unsubscribe to the company's marketing emails are also unsubscribing to our employee newsletters, campus security alerts, etc.

Obviously, step 1 is to get our own account separate from marketing - that will take care of the accidental unsubscribes. But even after we do that, I need an ESP that will just allow me to send EVERYTHING by default as a transactional email and not deal with CAN-SPAM. I don't want employees to unsubscribe from these emails either - since they are coming from the employer to the employee, they are considered transactional. I don't have time to go back and re-subscribe everyone who unsubscribes every week. And Bronto, for example, will let me send transactional emails - only to a certain number of people, and only after a 24-48 hr review. This just doesn't work for our timeframes or the volume of people we need to reach.

What system should I consider?