I'm using some online code that Really Good Emails posted—I just loved the look...was simply stunning—and wanted to re-create a version of it for an email template I'm passing to someone.

The problem is, I don't know css well enough to know what I did to mangle it slightly. I did remove some tables and re-position others, but in doing so, I can see that the bg-images are not all nicely vertically aligned, especially in mobile.

I can't seem to accurately adjust <td> height between some sections. Each time I attempt to re-insert a table or increase spacing with a <td>, the issues are exacerbated.

Also having a problem coding the footer to align left...I know it's being overridden...but where?

I would really appreciate any help. I have uploaded my template here: https://litmus.com/builder/e5afcc1

thanks! appreciate any help I can get to make this work appropriately.