We recently had a number of users complaining of our emails not showing up when viewed in the Samsung Email app on their various Samsung Android phones (Galaxy S6, S7, S8, etc.). This issue cropped up within the last couple of weeks, so it may be related to a recent update to the app or the webview package it uses.

Here's an artificial example of what the bug looks like:

All but the very top sliver of the message content does not render.

For us, the solution was strange but simple.

At the beginning of our message, we had code looking like this (simpified to show just relevant attributes):

    <table align="left">

A lot of trial and error led us to determine that the align="left" on that top-level table was what caused Samsung Email to collapse most of the message content, leaving only that sliver at the top.

So, when we removed the align="left" life so:


...Samsung Email started displaying our messages properly again:

(Our real messages aren't just full of "Lorem ipsum". ;)

And removing align=left" from that top-level table (leaving it on all other tables in the content) didn't have any adverse effect on other clients, either (at least according to our Litmus tests!).

By the way, at the time we were dealing with this, Litmus's own Samsung Email tests did not exhibit this problem. It may be that they hadn't been updated to the latest app version at the time, or that there are other variables in play. I don't know whether the Litmus tests would reflect the bug now.

I thought this worth sharing in case it could help anyone else having the same problem.

In short: If your emails are showing up blank or collapsed in Samsung Email, see if you have align="left" or similar on a top-level table tag. If so, try removing it.