Hi all,

I'm interested to know if anyone has experienced a similar issue to what we've found within Outlook.

In our templates we use spacer rows within a table layout - These look fine when delivered in Outlook, but we've found that if a user is to randomly click either side of the body content, the spacing seems to change. There doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why it does it, but it does affect the layout of our emails if someone was to experience this.

I've included a screenshot as an example. The top version is how it looks on delivery (and how it should look), but if you click where the cursor icon is on the bottom version, you get the result displayed. The image and table have a spacer created between them which breaks the illusion of the image fading into the table.

Screenshot of Issue

Appreciate any advice on how to fix or how anyone else has worked around this quirk.

Many thanks,