Currently my team is trying to expand the number of people who are involved in email development.
Aside from getting everyone up to speed on email tech/coding we're thinging that a big problem is going to be maintaining code/updates.

Firstly Up until now, since I was the only developer my workflow for building emails was to build the base of the email in Sublime Text (making use of local snippets that I constantly update as I find better ways to do things or new technologies become available) and then move it into Litmus Builder. If other people want to use the snippets and/or edit them, it seems like it would quickly become an inconsistent mess.

How do other people maintain snippets accross multiple users?

Secondly, and more importantly, how do people keep track of versioning and edits if multiple people are touching the same html files? Especially if there are multiple people touching an email in Litmus Builder, there's no last edited date to look at to see if it's changed since you last opened it. I know we already occationally run into versioning issues on design files or text files. Code where the result can't nessasarily be seen by doing a spot check has the potencial to get messy.

If it were a website I would just think of meticulously commeniting things/creating a change log, but between lots of conditional code/comments and kb weight limits, I'm worried that it wont be an good solution.

Does anyone who works on a mid sized team (3-5 people) have ideas for these issues or just general workflow advice?