Hi everyone, email geek from The Netherlands here.

I've created this email with radiobuttons in it. Since most clients don't support this, I've made a fallback version for in the email clients, and am directing readers to the webversion when they click, showing the radiobutton option only in that webversion.

To do this, I need to hide the radiobutton, which I've done succesfully for most clients (Gmail desktop/mobile, Outlook desktop, Yahoo desktop/mobile and Outlook Web(/Hotmail).

However I just can't seem to hide the button in the Outlook mobile app. I also can't find any pre-existing methods on the interwebs.

Anyone got an idea on how to target the Outlook mobile app or another way to hide it there, while it is still shown in the webversion?

For those who want to see the code: https://litmus.com/builder/e18be23

Many thanks!

Kind regards, Irma.