Well folks, it’s going to be 2018 in less than a month.

Gmail rolled out its ground-shaking-media-query-support-update over a year ago. Before this magical event ocurred, I was convinced that Hybrid (or Spongy) was the way to go. And inlining CSS was a no-brainer.

Now that we have a clear look into the how/what/why works when and where with Gmail (thank you Rémi!), I’m curious how those two methods fit into your current development methods.

Do you inline your CSS? Why or why not? (Thank you Litmus for taking the lead on trying this out back in January).

Do you use Hybrid/Spongy development technique? Why or why not?

Have you tried any super rad div-only layouts?

In my work, whatever I write inevitably will be seen and eventually modified by a handful other people (who I won’t always have the pleasure of explaining methods to). Therefore, I’m hesitant to implement things that “break the mold.”

But what about you and your team?