Hi guys,
I am trying to create my very first interactive email. I am using punchcard coding technique. By default, the interactive part is set to display:none. For those who have eligible email clients I am displaying the interactive part using @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 0).

However, when I send this email to myself (Samsung S7 edge) I can see that display:none is ignored by native email app (it does not work with css in head neither with inline css). You can clearly see unstyled check boxes, labels and all the content for all divs.

I tried some stupid things like max-height:0px + overflow:hidden, but without any success. Do you guys have any solution for this? I would like to send this email to internal partners, and that's the problem. In our company most of our mobile phones are iPhones or top tier Samsungs (S6-S8).

Thank you