Recently gmail app has been updated in ios and today google Inbox did, but now they decided to render the intelectual property symbols as trademark ™ registered ® and copyright © with a fixed color and size as shown on the following image:
Intelectual Property Symbols shown by gmail app

Have you run into this? How you have solved or over ride this to use your own size and color?

11/23/2017 UPDATE:
It seems there is a Unicode alternative to the copyright and trademark symbols
instead of using '©' you can use 'ⓒ Ⓒ' ⓒ Ⓒ
and instead of using ' ® ' use 'ⓡ Ⓡ ' ⓡ Ⓡ

for trademark there is only this solution '<sup>TM</sup>' instead of '&trade;'
the only caveat to this alternative is the way screen readers announce the letters

Thanks to Mark Robbins