I've been fighting to try and elevate the designs of the many Business to Business emails I work on. Unfortunately I've received a lot of pushback bacause there seems to be a perception that general best practices and elements that have been elevating emails in consumer space don't apply. I get a lot clients/managers automatically dismissing elements/concepts/strategies used in really nice B2C campaigns, simply because they're from consumer focused emails.

I'd love to find some examples or collections of nice B2B emails, but I haven't been finding any collections specifically geared towards B2B (or when I do it's the same 10-15 emails.) Within my own inbox (which granted is a fairly small sample size) most of the B2B emails tend to range from mediocre to bad design wise. Currently Litmus emails are the only things that come to my inbox that stick out as good design in the B2B space.

I've been feeling a lot like there is this artificial divide between B2B emails and B2C emails that shouldn't really be there. I've gotten too many "Well it's B2B so we can't do this" or "Well it's B2B so people expect this" and that's the same thing that I tend to see in the emails I receive.

So actual questions:

  • Do people feel like there should be a divide between B2B emails and B2C emails or at this point should they follow the same general best practices?
  • Are there any best practices that you think apply only to B2B or only to B2C?
  • Has anyone else has run into similar problems designing for B2B? (feeling behind or limited design-wise simply because of the client percentions of what B2B emails are supposed to look like/contain)
  • Does anyone have any good collections/examples or resources for good B2B emails?