We've noticed an issue recently where Gmail's auto translation feature will occasionally think one of our marketing emails is in a language other than English, with a banner across the top asking the reader if they want to translate the email into various languages.

For the record, all of our marketing emails are in English only. But to date I've seen Gmail misidentify one of our emails as being in Hungarian, Norwegian, and even Czech.

We use Responsys to send marketing emails, follow best practices for permissions-based email marketing, CAN-SPAM compliance, and deliverability. This only seems to happen to emails that contain dynamic content for personalized recommendations.

The weird translation error does not always happen with emails that contain dynamic content, but up until recently it did not seem to effect inbox placement so we were not too concerned. But now we've noticed some of these emails being marked by Gmail as spam, even with users who are highly engaged with our emails.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this bizarre Gmail translation issue, especially if you use Responssys.