Friends, email designers, cohorts...

We are over the moon to announce that Litmus Builder is now available. But, what is Builder? And why should you care?

Builder is a code editor built specifically for email designers, by email designers (us). It allows you to quickly build emails using pre-built templates, your own saved snippets, or from scratch. Its tools are geared towards email designers and allow you to quickly navigate your email and code, view a live version of your design in desktop and mobile while you're developing, and quickly quick of testing at any point in the development process–both through Litmus Email Previews or by sending yourself a test email.

We've been using it internally for the past year for all of our emails and couldn't be happier with it. We think you'll love it.

You can read more about Builder on our blog and try it out for free right now. Oh, and did I mention that you can embed your code and designs anywhere?

Here's the Builder embed from our launch email:

If you've been frustrated with posting code in the Community before, Builder embeds are the perfect way to share what you're working on. Simply use the Share button within builder, copy the Embed Code in the popup and paste it right into your Community discussion.

We'd love to hear your feedback for Builder, so feel free to post your thoughts below!