I've been given the run around by both Apple and AOL and am hoping you could maybe offer some insight. Seems to be alot of email experts here.

Using the native iOS Mail app in iOS 10.3.3, I was presented with one-click unsubscribe via the drop down banner for emails sent to my AOL email address. I understand this banner is only shown to me when list-unsubscribe is provided in the header by the sender. Ever since upgrading to iOS 11, I haven't been presented with the drop down banner for one click unsubscribe once. Surely in the last month and a half I've received one email with a properly formatted header. I would at least be presented with the option 1x daily whearas I haven't received it at all.

I'm guessing it's one of two things:
1) AOL stopped support for list-unsubscribe.
2) Glitch in iOS Mail app

Any insight or suggstions for a fix? Apple and AOL have been passing off the problem to each other. Curious if any other AOL users have this issue.