Hey team,

The layout:

Email with is 600px wide. Two-columns. The parent "row" has 10px of padding on each side. The children "columns" have 10px of padding on either side. Each column is an 270x270px image.

The math:

10 + (10 + 270 + 10) + (10 + 270 + 10) + 10 = 600

The problem:

The second column is getting bumped down to the next row because, apparently, Android 6.0 is calculating the widths differently than they are declared (in both the width and style attributes) and there's not enough room. For example, one of my parent table of 600px has a child td of 100% width that's coming in at 599.62px (among other such oddities) according to the dev tools analysis of the computed Android code. Does anybody know what's going on here?