Hello Everyone!

I have a lot of clients who produce monthly Industry Newsletters and they tend to be on the very, extremely long side of things. I was wondering if people, who have produced these types of newsletters, have a best practice that they use?

Meaning, do you just let it all hang out and pack every wonderful, little, tidbit that you can each month - even if the newsletter will get truncated by Gmail? Or do you have your longer areas link off to separate pages that contain the bulk of the information?

I ask because I have clients who worry that if they don't put it all out there, their members/partners won't take the time to click over to the other pages - so they will miss out. Which I completely understand their fears - I think all marketers worry if people are going to click on their links or not. Kind of like a hanging high-5.

I took a look at where people are clicking now for the past few months on one client and people were making it down to the bottom - and not just to unsubscribe - I know what y'all were thinking - lol.

I guess I am looking to see what other people are doing and if it is working for them or if it is just what they have been doing the past 5 years.

Thanks so much!