Hi fellow email nerds :)

Wondering if any have encountered some new limitations with iOS 11.

We have successfully coded HTML5 video in email without iPhone limitations in the past.

With the introduction of iOS 11, we are now experiencing a lack of support in the iphone 6 with iOS 11.
We have found success with rendering on iPhone 7 in iOS 11.
iPhone 6 shows blank content.

As a result, we have tested using the "poster" atrribute.
This forces a static image fall-back for iPhone 6 users; however it makes iPhone 7 users no longer view a functioning video.

Any ideas if this is a new limitation?

Can't find anything on the web to support.
The rumor was that iOS 11 wasn't going to support HTML5 video when in beta phase, but appears de-bunked.
However, every article about this fails to mentions successful rendering on multiple iphones with the new iOS version.

Would love some insight or confirmation of the issues or some potential fixes if any of you other experts know of any!