hi, i am troubleshooting an email for Gmail app and Inbox, both iOS, the issue the extra margin on the right causing the layout to not go to full width. The fixes that I came across cause other issues. For starters I placed <br>
.body { min-width:100vw; } <br>
in the style tag, followed by a class named 'body' on the body tag. While this fixes the width/right margin issue it causes the entire layout to drastically shift to the right in a bunch of desktop clients, including Gmail, yahoo, outlook.com
I also placed the other Gmail fixes mentioned on this page: http://freshinbox.com/blog/targeting-new-gmail-css/ but they dont make any difference. For that matter I still get the text zooming in Inbox for Android but I think I should create another post for that issue.
Has anyone been able to go around the right-shifting of the layout while having the 100vw in the styles?