I went to the awesome Litmus conference last August and could not believe the amount of people there. I brought back so much information that I have now been asked to do some research for the best ESP for our entire University.

I work for a University in Florida and we have many CMS's in place for various needs. But we do NOT have an ESP that can handle our marketing type emails; one time emails; notification emails; internal emails. Right now, I build many emails in Vertical Response and send to myself and then 'forward' using outlook to our University distribution list. But this is really growing we need a University wide solution. So, I wonder if any of you would chime in on this one. Whether you work for a corporation; design agency or educational school, I would be most interested. Here are some of our needs:

  1. Nice looking/easy templates for responsive design
  2. EASY...I won't be able to handle for vast amount of these and so some with little code will have to do their own using the 'nice' templates.
  3. integration with our active directory or ldap server -- I don't know if this is even possible and our IT department would have to buy in. But we have 3500+ staff/faculty and then our students...yikes. The distribution lists changes daily. Is there an ESP who could partner with us as far as the distribution list? Does anyone out there do this?
  4. Testing emails for spam compliance
  5. A/B testing

Thank you anyone, in advance for your time. But I've always found reviews from other users to be the best....Debbie