2 questions:

SO I know that with HTML5 one can wrap a link around a table.

But I'm curious what fails/breaks across the various email clients when you wrap a link around a table.
Visually, everything seems to render ok, but I'm curious if anyone's had actual client experience to know if the link is clickable across all clients, or where this might fail.

  1. Why exactly shouldn't we using tables inside of links. Can we just not set the link to display: block and have everyone get along?
  2. What about using display:table/tr/td inside of a link. Is this legal? what are some potential issues with this? What are the distinctions between doing this vs using an actual table?

Basically the problem i'm trying to solve for is preventing text from wrapping underneath an icon, when the text runs too long..

ICON some test some text
some text


ICON some test some text
.... some text