I have currently been running some A / B tests on preheaders and have found that my recent experiments have been having a very positive effect on opens and clicks as well as re-engagement for inactive users. The problem is that my company insists that the primary metric on all email A / B tests is net conversion. And therefore these positive effects are regarded as unimportant. The argument being that the company does not know the value of the increase in opens and clicks. Net conversion remains neutral in these experiments, although there is a an actual increase in numbers it is not enough to be seen as a conclusively positive amount.

I have not been in my new role for long but have worked in email marketing for over 10 years. So I have always placed value on opens, clicks and re-engagement metrics. That is why I find it hard to understand my new company’s mind-set.

I am interested to know if there is anoyone else who regularly disregards these metrics. And if there is ever a situation where an increase in opens, clicks and re-engagement but a neutral effect on net conversion would not be a good reason to go live / full-on with an A / B experiment?