I was a user of the Publicaster email system for a number of years, and back in June I was (forcibly) migrated to the Campaigner system. It has been a huge pain and I've encountered some serious show-stopping bugs in the transition. For example, the opt-out links on my first set of campaigns did not function at all. They fixed that but 3 weeks ago I encountered another one.

The issue is the "sender" header that goes out on our campaigns is invalid- it's mangled by the Campaigner email servers to be a scramble of the "from" address I set and the domain name of the email servers that send it. From what I've been able to determine, Outlook 2011 and 2016 use this information to display the wrong email address in the from field. I also think Outlook email servers are sending autoreplies to this address, as we've noticed a huge decrease across all campaigns at how many out of office autoreplies come back.

Getting support on this issue has been like pulling teeth, and I want to see if this is something affecting ALL users of their service, or just the former Publicaster users.

The issue is easy to see in Litmus. When looking at Outlook 2011 or 2016 screen shots, the from address is not what you set it to be. For example, I have a sender address I use "print@etips17.com". Campaigner is still using Publicaster servers/domains behind the scenes, so the outgoing mail server is "out.oo155.com". What those Outlook users see is the bogus "sender" address as indicated in the header: "print@etips17.out.oo155.com". We have appropriate DKIM and SPF records in place- it was suggested that this was the issue but they are valid.

As I type this all our campaigns are on hold. It's been 3 weeks tomorrow that this was reported and I have no ETA on a fix. If you are a former Publicaster user, please check your headers. If you use Campaigner, please check the headers and see if you're impacted. Surely I can't be the only one!