Struggling with Comcast webmail preprocessor stripping out ® and © symbols but more importantly breaking the layout. I'm testing in Litmus as well as sending email to a comcast account using various browsers to view email.

It seems there is a preprocessor that removes these symbols and replaces them with =C2=AE
for the registration symbol.

I've tried span and sup as well as p tag to wrap the entire line of text or just the words that need the symbol. The layout is broken at this line of text and the other lines of text within the td are pushed way down the page.

The registration and copyright symbols are removed and not displayed. I would be fine with the symbols removed if the layout wasn't also broken.

I receive other emails in Comcast webmail that have these symbols using <sup> or <span> why are mine striped out? Also, the IMAP comcast account shows the symbols and layout fine.

Any suggestions appreciated.