I'm having trouble with images being flush to the bottom of a background in Outlook. It is flush in the live version but when I open a test email in Outlook, the image isn't flush and the background shows beneath it. Here is an image of how it displays in Outlook: https://www.yourerc.com/email/surveys/2017/wage-salary-adjustment/error.jpg

Here is the code for the image:

<td align="center" valign="bottom" style="background-color:#9d84db">
    <div style="height:198px">
        <a href="http://erc-wage-salary-adjustment.questionpro.com/" target="_blank">
            <img class="fluidimage" style="display: block;background-color: #9d84db; color: #ffffff;border:0;padding:0;margin:0" src="https://www.yourerc.com/email/surveys/2017/wage-salary-adjustment/header.png" alt="Wage & Salary Adjustment Survey" border="0" width="600">

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you!