Hello all

I have come from a print design background and taught myself how to code.

Recently I have got my head around coding for emails and I have created a marketing email, advertising my services and skills and including links to my external websites, and want to send this email to potential clients. I have been using Mailchimp to perfect my design and have been sending the emails to myself to ensure all is good.

Now I'm looking to use some service to send this out but mailchimp requires the permission of the people receiving my marketing email before it can be sent. Which is of little use as I want to approach clients who I have contacted before.

So do I need to build up a subscriber list before sending it out?? Or is there a way to send this email out without permission?

I plan to approach recruitment agencies, Creative Directors and people acting as Head of Studio.

I would really appreciate any advice. I readily admit I am new to this field and I would really benefit from anyone's input.

Thanks in advance.