So for a while now, I've been paintakingly designing and developing my company's first email framework and templates, iteratively improving and adjusting, and constantly testing with Litmus as well as our ESP. I've gotten everything to look pretty swell in all the major email clients that our audience uses (pretty much all Outlook desktop, with a handful of apple mail and iOS.) I haven't had to resort to inlining, because for us the testing results are fine, and we aren't shooting for 100% perfect-in-all-clients email development, yet.

However, the emails do look pretty terrible in Litmus' Android tests (basically absent of any text styling or padding anywhere), and I'd like to tackle this. Even though Gmail has supposedly "fixed" the removal of the styles in the head, I'm assuming that the Android issues are due to us not inlining our emails.

That brings me to my actual question; I'm working with media queries as opposed to any sort of hybrid/fluid method, and when I inline an email, the non-mobile version essentially gets converted to a mobile one due to all the tables going 100% width, etc. How do I work around this, or do I have to rethink the entire way my email system works? If I inline my styles, and then re-insert my media query into the <style> tags in the head, I'm assuming the inline stuff will override. Correct?