I'm working on a new template that implements Brian Graves' "Content Re-Order" technique to move an aligned table from the middle of the content order to the top [http://www.degdigital.com/blog/content-choreography-in-responsive-email/]

The technique makes use of display: table-group-header; in order to move the table out of it's usual place in the content flow.

The technique is working perfectly in browser and in some tests, but I'm getting a consistent issue in my Litmus test whereby the table set to table-group-header is not visible (as though display:none; were applied) in some clients. This seems to be happening in iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and Android 2.3 results, but not in iPhone 5s or Android 4 results.

Has anyone made use of this technique and encountered a similar issue, or know of a reason why the table-group-header display type would be omitted on these devices?

Thanks, Scout