Hoping someone has seen a solution to these problems before. I've got feelers out to everyone I have access to within my organization and nothing has worked yet! We are using LISTSERVE Maestro.

We’re working on building this simple email to send out but I’m having trouble getting elements display the way I want when viewed in Outlook on a Windows machine. There are alignment issues, as well as font face and color issues. I feel like I’ve exhausted all the ways I can think of to build it – traditional css, inline css, tables without css, building entirely in Maestro – and they all have problems when viewed in Outlook on Windows. And all variations look as they should when viewed in the Maestro previewer, Outlook on a Mac or Gmail. I’ve attached screen shots and the code of my closest variation if it helps with diagnosis.

How it looks everywhere else I've tested:
Gmail.com on Chrome on Windows

The jacked up version in Outlook:
Outlook on Windows

  <title>Announcing Saturday Hours at Barnes West Radiology!
    * {
      -moz-hyphens: none;
      -ms-hyphens: none;
      -webkit-hyphens: none;
      hyphens: none;
      word-break: keep-all;

    body {
      padding: 0;
      width: 600px;
      margin: auto;
      color: #3C3C3D;
      background-color: #FFFFFF;
      font-family: 'Libre Baskerville', 'Baskerville Old Face', serif;
      font-size-adjust: 0.53

    h1 {
      font-size: 20px;

    p {
      font-size: 15px;

      font-weight: bold;}

    .header {
      height: 50px;
          width: 590px;
      background-color: #ebebeb;
      text-align: center;
      line-height: 50px;
      vertical-align: top;
      font-family:Arial, sans-serif;

    .left {
      width: 200px;
      float: left;

    .logo {
      padding: 10px;

    .right {
      width: 390px;
      float: right;


      <td class="header">Having trouble viewing this email? <a href=�https://emailcontent.wustl.edu/MIR/2017-05%20-%20BWC%20Saturday%20Hours/CSSTableTest.htm�>View it in your browser.</a></td>
    <td class="left"><img src="https://emailcontent.wustl.edu/MIR/2017-05%20-%20BWC%20Saturday%20Hours/Physicians_MIR_text_black_smaller.jpg" height="164" width="169" class="logo"></td>
    <td class="right">
      <h1>Announcing Saturday Hours</h1>
      <p>Barnes West County Radiology is now open Saturdays for your patients convenience. CT is available from 8am to 12 pm and MRI is available from 10am to 2 pm.</p>