I am having a very unusual issue with Outlook 2016 and need your experts advise!

I created a template and looked fine on Outlook 2016 when I tested with Litmus.

The problem showed up with a few of our co-workers who was using Outlook 2016 on PC.
If you see the attachment, the fixed width on the table is expanding in full width and looks broken.

The strange part is only a few people are experiencing the issue and others are fine. Also, when I checked it with the machine that was showing a broken email in a couple hours later, it looked fine.
Is this a Microsoft Outlook 2016 bug???

I spend two days to figure out the issue and it seems like when I change the setting under View > Reading Pane > Options > 'Turn on automatic full-screen reading in portrait orientation' to either on or off, magically it rendered correctly.
This was the only solution that I found, but not sure if this was the best one.

Please inform me and the community if anyone has a better solution.
Thank you.