Hello all - recently my department has decided to make a major shift to use exact target's 'new' content builder feature to help take some email development off my plate, and redistribute it to others with perhaps less experience coding, designing etc. Part of this transition has lead me to explore content builder from front to back and I have to say - I am underwhelmed and rather annoyed at it's inability to do much of anything without 84 additional checks and balances prior to deployment.

Currently I'm experiencing issues that has me questioning our abilities to use this feature as intensely as we hoped. Some issues include:

  • the inability to see the emails code in it’s entirety (only able to see individual ‘content block’ mark up)
  • not being able to grab the emails code 100% makes testing in Litmus impossible or quite a headache, I’m leaning towards impossible because of how involved it is to piece the email together via content blocks and I just don’t want to.
  • the fact that you have to re-import everything from classic to content builder to use any and all assets in an email
  • not being able to choose stacking order for mobile/responsive emails
  • so much.

Has anyone out there used this feature as part of their process and if so, what issues have you come across and what do you like about it and why? Much thanks in advance for any input or advice on how you use the 'new' feature.

Cheers -