I've been using the fluid/hybrid method for quite a while (thanks Nicole Merlin for your awesome tutorial!). I'm noticing now that in the Litmus Android 6.0 preview, some of my text is not left aligned (left aligned is the desired layout). Instead, the text gets centered if it does not fill the width of the screen. (So, if it happens to be one or a few words and doesn't wrap to a new line; it gets centered ...) It's as if the individual table or table cell is going 100% of the content, vs. 100% of the container table.

The content displays as desired on all other Android/Gmail previews, including my live Android 6 email account. I have a Samsung phone, in case that matters.

Is anyone else seeing this, or know how to fix it?

I can post sample code, if that will help. I'll just need to replace with generic content first...