My company has been trying to find and retain skilled staff for our email team, yet we have had incessant turnover and great difficulty finding people that are even interested in coding email. I have trained over 10 people in the last almost-4 years in how to code emails for our company, and every time they end up moving to our web team, or moving on to other companies to do other things.

When I first started here I was part of a team of 4 people, two builders and two specialists, and we were committed to continuous improvement in our email program and excited about responsive design and how to make our email program the best it could be, despite the limitations of working for a very, very large corporation. Everyone but me has since moved on, and the new people that we have brought in see email as a boring inconvenience that they want to get done so they can move onto the juicy web/print projects they would rather be doing.

Yesterday I trained yet another contractor, only to have them tell me the position would not be a good fit and they didn't realize how much HTML coding would be involved in the role they were filling. I don't understand why nobody seems to see the fun in the challenge of coding for email, but it is increasingly discouraging that I seem to be the only person in Seattle that has an interest in it.

How do your employers manage to find and retain skilled email professionals? What are you doing that we aren't? Is the problem that my company hires via staffing agencies like Creative Group and FilterTalent, usually after a lengthy contracting period?

I can't run the entire production side of our email program single-handedly! And I'm getting really, really burnt out on training people, only to have them move on...right after I finish training them...