I've recently been trying to upgrade my emails with animations and found this cool tutorial https://www.emailonacid.com/blog/article/email-development/tutorial-animated-image-carousel-for-email

However, I'm trying to add more images to the carousel, but I can't seem to get the delay and the length of the animation to match correctly. I have 6 images in total, with delays from -19s til -4s for the last. The length of the animation is 18s now, as I figured your longest delay was -10s and the length of the animation was 9s. But it's either showing the last images too long before finally showing the first and looping through the images or if I shorten the animation it shows the last image for a second before changing to the first, but then it seems to skip 2 and 3.

How do I calculate the length of the animation needed to fix all 6 images in the animation?