Hey Everyone!

I am looking into Chinese Spam Law and trying to definitively get the below items answered and didn't know if y'all could help? (I am borrowing the Litmus 'International Email Spam Laws' grid for inspiration.)

  1. Unsubscribe link -> YES
  2. Clear identification of sender -> (I can't find a definite 'YES' anywhere)
  3. Postal address -> (I don't see any mention of address anywhere)
  4. Info about how to contact the sender -> (This is another one I can't find anywhere)
  5. Remove any pre-checked boxes -> (I don't see anything about forms)
  6. Explicit text alerting to promo emails and/or statement seeking permission to send emails -> (nothing)
  7. Keep all records, possibly even screenshots -> YES

These are the links I have been using:
1. http://sampi.co/email-marketing-and-chinas-anti-spam-laws
2. http://sampi.co/email-marketing-in-china
3. http://www.b2bemailmarketing.com/2006/04/do_the_new_anti.html
4. http://www.lehmanlaw.com/resource-centre/laws-and-regulations/information-technology/measures-for-the-administration-of-internet-e-mail-services-2006.html

Thanks so much!